March 14, 2016

Young Wins 2016 Uber Bryan Award

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The Dorothy Uber Bryan Award is a respected award given to a faculty member who has given extraordinary services to the School of Art,  benefited its students in unique or creative ways, exemplifies model behavior, and betters the community they are a part of. We are proud to announce that a member of our own has been awarded this honor.

Lori Young, chair of the Graphic Design divison, and Andrew Kuebeck, Acting Area Head of Jewelry and Metals, were selected as recipients this year. The nominees are suggested by a group of faculty who make up the Advisory Committee. Then, all the names are placed on a ballot and voted on by all faculty.

As described by School of Art Acting Director Charlie Kanwischer, Lori is “among the most selfless and dedicated faculty members I know. She is completely devoted to the success of the Graphic Design program and its students both inside and outside the classroom. The Bryan Award is a wonderful acknowledgement by her peers of all Lori’s efforts on behalf of Graphic Design.”

We caught up with Lori to ask her about this award and her response was quite shocking. Along with her humble gratitude, Lori expresses how she was frustrated that she was nominated and is receiving the award for something that she feels is just what people should do as human beings. She doesn’t think she should be given an award because of something she should already be doing. She then goes on to praise her colleagues and how inspiring they are to be around and work with. Lori explains how “it’s not my award it’s our award.” This essence of humbleness and community makes it easy to understand why Lori won the award in the first place.

We asked Lori to explain what roles she plays in the School of Art, as well as in the community. Lori explains how “it’s about a wider context than just what you do for the school, but the student, faculty, and outside in the community. It’s not just an award for what we do of service here. Being a part of the Graphic Design division, we’re working to have experiences for our students. It’s incredibly important that our students are a part of this experience as they are able to interview, show their work and receive constructive feedback about their work. After this event, they are able to return to the classroom and continue to refine and develop their work and presentation skills with the division and their peers. So, the division is actively, very busy.”

The conversation turned to the students and what is offered outside of the classroom. Lori has a studio in BG with a letterpress, and a laser cutting device that’s open to the students. The studio was opened in 2007. Lori hires and pays for the students to work in the studio. This is a way for students to make their own work and work for her as well. To use her studio is free of charge because Lori finds it unethical to charge students to use machinery they are unfamiliar with using. She says, “It would be different if they were using the machinery every day, like a computer, or if they were using it for financial gains not their academic work, I could charge and I would feel okay.” She allows optimal use of the machinery as well as curates conversations between the students by allowing the interns who work in her studio to work with other students who need help and produce their own work that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Along with her outstanding work within the School of Art, Lori clues us into how she is an advocate in the community. This past January, Lori has stepped down from the presidential position on the Wood County Human Society Board, after working with them for six years. Currently, she is a co-founder for People of Engagement Bowling Green (PEBG), a grassroots organization working with other non-profit groups in the city to help create healthy neighborhoods, vibrant businesses and strong community-based organizations. They also bring in guest speakers.

All of my colleagues are incredibly talented and do noteworthy work. I am very fortunate. She goes on to say, “I’m literally surrounded by incredible women on either side of my office. They do amazing work for the division, and their own creative work, and take care of their families, in a way, I feel humbled. I almost don’t feel good enough. …I’m surrounded by these really great pillars and I think in the community, Jenn and Amy are awesome with the work they’ve done with AIGA and Toledo.”

It’s no wonder why Lori has won the 2016 Dorothy Uber Bryan Award. She is a capable, caring, and humble colleague. Congratulations, Lori!

Written by BGSUGD student Tori Nuss