DSGN 6020

Design Studio :: Integrative Strategies, Theory + Implementation

  • Credit Hours: 3 – 6
  • Grading Basis: Student Option
  • Course Type: Online + Face-to-Face
  • Campus: Main Campus + Online

Course Description


This course continues the ideological exploration and project development of the MDes in Integrative Design degree program. DSGN 6020 Design Studio in Integrative Strategies, Theory and Implementation is a hybrid (online + face-to-face) course aimed at exploring integrated strategies, future-casting for the modern era in new media challenges, and broadening implementation of social design practices.


This studio course is the second series of studio course work toward the students’ thesis development in the MDes Integrative Design Degree. Students will synthesize design communication ideation with other areas of integrative design study to further explore cultural contexts, collaboration, social design, and implementation while expanding their research, methods, and processes in design thinking.

Fall. Spring. MDes Graduate Students only.

Instructors Teaching DSGN 6020

jenn stucker

jenn stucker

Division Chair + Associate Professor, Graphic Design + Integrative Design
Graduate Coordinator, MDes in Integrative Design