February 10, 2017

Congratulations 2017 Undergraduate Show Participants

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This year’s Undergraduate Show was teeming with graphic designers showcasing their talent, both in graphic design and non-graphic design areas. In total, many graphic design students received awards and scholarships, extending through their talents in ceramics, multimedia, photography, printmaking, and video. The show was available for the public between February 5 – 20, 2017.

Alexandra Hadar

Silvia Passerini Davenport Award

Aly Krajewski

Honorable Mention, Graphic Design
James W. Strong Graphic Design Achievement Award

Emily Frazier

A Doll’s House
First Place, Graphic Design

Mallory Rao

Historical Figure Poster
Second Place, Graphic Design

Paige Apkarian

Designer’s Manifesto

Eugene Fenn Endowment Scholarship
Honorable Mention, Graphic Design

Sarah Doughty

Designers’ Manifestos
Honorable Mention, Graphic Design

We are proud of the graphic design students whose work in other mediums was also included in the show.

Aly Krajewski

Wallpaper Series
Second Place, Printmaking

Honorable Mention, Photography

Emily Frazier

I’ll Get To It Eventually
Marietta Kirschner Wigg Print Award
First Place, Printmaking

Gyona Rice

Honorable Mention, First Year Program

Paige Apkarian

Gospel of St. Luke
Second Place, Photography

Sarah Doughty

Alpaca Named Kevin
Second Place, Ceramics

Alexander Uballe

God Dream
Silvia Passerini Davenport Award
First Place, Animation/ Video/ Interactive/ Electronic