December 11, 2019

Alumni Update: Interview with Erin Kunz

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Senior Art Director at Interrupt

Erin (2010) specializes in rebranding corporate identity systems, activating large scale marketing campaigns, creating integrated advertising campaigns, social media initiatives, experiential design, packaging, and UX and web design.

What drew you into graphic design?

My entire life, I have always loved art. For me, choosing graphic design as a career was a no brainer. It was a way for me to harness my creativity and focus it towards helping companies thrive and be more successful. Their success and growth means more people in our economy with jobs. It was a way for me to really make a difference. I also thought graphic design was a good choice for me because it was a way to give my creativity a voice and use it as a way to advocate for public issues I really care about.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Interrupt? Your least favorite thing?

The people, culture, work and clients are all amazing at Interrupt. It is truly a collaborative environment whether working with coworkers or clients. Everyone is so passionate about the work we create. We thrive from that. I’m truly proud of the work we do everyday. Interrupt’s work is solely focused on the building materials industry, and is primarily B2B. Having such a strong focus allows us to make smart, strategic decisions with our market approaches. But, it would be super exciting to be able to branch out into the consumer market within our industry as well.

How long ago did you create what you think is the best design piece in your portfolio?

Maybe around six months ago. Honestly, I feel that my most recent work is always my best. I continually try to push myself to improve with each project I work on.

Do you work better alone or in a group?

I definitely work better within a group. Feedback from my peers helps make me smarter with each project we work on.

How do you handle situations in which you disagree with the feedback you receive from a client?

It’s important to always listen to the client and let them know they are heard. Remember, the best work comes from collaboration. I always try a client’s recommendations first and have an open dialogue on whether it is working or not. If it does not work, I make sure to understand why the client is making the recommendation they are making. What problem are they trying to solve. Once I understand that, I make recommendations to help solve it.

What are your other passions besides graphic design?

As silly as it sounds, I will always love Harry Potter. I’ve read the books multiple times, listened to all of the audiobooks and have visited Harry Potter world at Universal multiple times. I also have a love for music and collecting records. I love the physical interaction of spinning a record. They sound so damn good. Another passion of mine is home remodel and interior design. We are currently in the middle of a DIY home remodel. I love how much I’m learning remodeling, and love designing our home. It is hard work, but so rewarding

What advice would you give for students currently in the program?

Go to as many design events as possible to network and listen. It is competitive once you graduate and it will help if people in the area already know your name. Also, work hard on trying to get an internship while in school. You will have a competitive edge if you already have experience upon graduation. Use the program at BGSU to experiment with many different styles. Try not to fall in to one niche. This will help when you have to work on many different clients with different looks and feels.

Interview by Olivia Perz