November 7, 2015

Alumni Update: All Things Jacob Parr

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Jacob Parr | BFA from BGSU Majoring in Graphic Design (Spring 13′)
Graphic Designer | North Design
Co-Owner | Sparr Games LLC

Alumni Jacob Parr (13′) has been a busy man since graduation. He’s been designing full time for North Design working on international clients, started his own company Sparr Games, and recently competed in New Orleans on stage at AIGA’s design conference favorite Command X in front of celebrity design judges like Gail Anderson, Aaron Draplin, and Robynne Raye. We caught up with Jacob to see how things have been going and ask him to reflect on his choice to attend BGSU for a BFA in Graphic Design.

Why did you choose BGSU to study design?

The design program at BGSU has a wonderful reputation, and when choosing schools, I wanted to pick a place where I could afford to attend, be able to commute from home, and still be able to grow as much as possible as a designer. BGSU provided all these options, and having known many designers who had recommended the school to me, I knew I would not regret it.

How long have you been working in the field?

I have been professionally designing since 2009, when I began working in a local screen printing shop as the designer/printer. However, it feels much longer than 6 years, as I have been playing with odd-jobs in design since middle school.

What drew you to design?

Complete immersion in creative thinking since birth. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a very artistically nurturing family. Design was the one aspect of art that was able to rally behind, for its ability to infiltrate and affect anything. With design, there are endless possibilities to pursue.

Do you have a specific voice or ethos when designing?

My work tends to be very clean and minimal. However, I enjoy being clever. My design eye is that of a kid in a candy store.

What is your ideal dream position, client, project?

Ideally, I dream of being at the helm of something new and exciting. I am extremely passionate about branding and identity design. I want to be able to create something that could be described as “timeless”.

What exciting stuff have you been working on lately?

So much. Things have been exciting post-graduation. Most notably, I have fulfilled a dream to form a startup company with my best friend Jake Spencer. Together, we have created Sparr Games. We create and design tabletop games. Our flagship game, Master Thief, just recently completed a month long campaign on Kickstarter. We were lucky enough to have tripled our initial funding goals, and now have the capabilities to produce Master Thief on a national scale, and fund our future gaming endeavors as well!

Master Thief is a card game with intuitive and unique gameplay that’ll bring your friends close and your enemies closer. Steal the most valuable collection from the Museum, foil opponents’ attempts to do the same and escape without getting caught. The game is simple to learn but difficult to master. However, with a little practice and some luck, you might just be a Master Thief.

What’s up next for you?

Producing Master Thief is a large step in what could potentially be my future. You can expect more games to come, and the professional design quality that will accompany them. Beyond that, I have several important side projects I am working on. One in particular, that is top secret! The only teaser I can give for this, is that it is a long shot. If it manages to come to life, it will play a major role in continuing Toledo’s undeniable revival.

Thank you Jacob!

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