December 4, 2015

BGSUGD Faculty Ryan Shelley Publishes First Book, CO-LAB: Collaborative Design Survey

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CO-LAB: Collaborative Design Survey
2015 BiS Publishers

Description (from cover): A book on interdisciplinary design collaboration should be written collaboratively. And be designed. And have a cover featuring drawings by UV laser on light-sensitive paper. It should be fun, otherwise it’s doing a day job as personal work. Mediums must collide in passion and shrapnel. It should slam together musicians, designers, artists, and theorists; it should highlight the beautiful brilliants who are all those things. And so, it does. CO-LAB explores why Jack White and Iggy Pop are essential collaboration gurus for designers. J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion epitomizes holistic environments, and Sandboxing includes playgrounds, forced connections, and piped in coffee shop noises. It begins with David Carson holding Michelangelo’s hand (Mikey is unaware). Contemporary design firms are small, voice-heavy, interdisciplinary collaboratives who own culture and combine authorship. Those who think collaboration is cheating or unfreedom should read this book. This is how. This is why. Here is an argument for effective, socially-aware futures by designers who think thinking matters.

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