DSGN 5020

Design Studio :: Complexity, Context + Culture

  • Credit Hours: 3 – 6
  • Grading Basis: Student Option
  • Course Type: Online + Face-to-Face
  • Campus: Main Campus + Online

Course Description

This hybrid (online + face-to-face) course is a combination of theoretical and practical study in the Master of Design (MDes) Integrative Design curriculum and introduces emerging tools, methods, and processes in design thinking and making through the lens of complex systems that reside in contemporary problems. Additionally, the second sequence of this course will examine the relationship between context and visual culture in mediating systems and how integrative design approaches can work toward solving the complexities of today’s wicked problems.

The focus of the course is to question and decode complex systems from individual to mass population experiences (i.e., ecological, technological, social, political, and economic) and to discover integrative design processes and methods for approaching complex problems.

Fall and Spring. MDes Graduate Students only.

Instructors Teaching DSGN 5020

jenn stucker

jenn stucker

Division Chair + Associate Professor, Graphic Design + Integrative Design
Graduate Coordinator, MDes in Integrative Design