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Lori Young

Lori Young

Phone: 419-372-7763


Office: 107 FAC

Instructed by Lori Young

One Mile At A Time

One Mile At A Time

Ryan Schroeder

2016 Undergrad Show

2016 Undergrad Show

2016 Undergrad Show


Associate Professor, Graphic Design


  • B.F.A., Graphic Design, University of Michigan, 1989

  • M.A., Graphic Design, Eastern Michigan University,, 1998

  • M.F.A., Graphic Design, Eastern Michigan University, 2005

Currently Teaching:

ARTD 2015 Principles Of Graphic Design
ARTD 4030 Systems-Based Graphic Design
ARTD 4070 Graphic Design Senior Thesis

Areas of Research/Artistic Focus:

Typography development. Research the cultural narratives of ornament.

Teaching Specialization:


Recent Accomplishments:

Work published in Visual Communications, London, periodical; Creativity and Graphic Design USA Annuals, USA; and Graphis, International, periodical and Visible Culture, Parlor Press. Published in 1000 Greetings, USA

—Faculty member at BGSU since 2001—