Graphite, Ink, Emboss

22×30 each (24)


Personal identity can be difficult to define. Experiences, beliefs, and interests all play a role in creating a unique person. An individual’s character is then practiced and tested through daily decision-making. These are the choices that determine the shoes you buy, the shirt you borrow, or the lamp you use. Becoming small anecdotes in themselves, they are patched together into a larger story. Deliberate decisions are also the reason things accumulate in your home and specific objects end up in your bedroom. Whether lying in the middle of the floor or hung in the back of the closet, recognizing an object’s purpose in your space can help you work backwards to learn the stories they have to tell. Each object becomes a physical representation of the choices that make up who you are. One by one they fit together providing an honest depiction of your values and innermost beliefs. After all, possessions live with you. They invade your personal space and are the things you look at and use every single day. There is a reason you keep each item so close.

These drawings represent the intimate observation and reflection necessary to understand an object’s purpose in your bedroom. Just as a photograph preserves a memory, an object symbolizes a moment only you understand. Individually, they seem insignificant, a graveyard of memories from the past. But together, they form a masterpiece; fragments assembled to build your narrative.