• Title: No Crying in Baseball
  • Designer: Rachel Court
  • Instructed By: jenn stucker
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  • Award: Eugene Fenn Endowed Scholarship | Undergrad Exhibition 2015
  • Award: Charles Lakofsky Art Award | Undergrad Exhibition 2015
  • External: http://www.rachelcourtdesigns.com

No Crying in Baseball

poster series focusing on a monologue from the film “A League of Their Own.”

All type based on 18×24 format, mounted on foam core.

I focused on the dialog and inflection┬áthat the actor, Tom Hanks, used when saying this monologue in the film. Each poster can stand alone but also work as a group when all four are together. I chose red and blue because those are the same colors as the Major League Baseball logo but specifically because they represent an equalizer between men and women with the idea that “only men can play baseball.”

The film is about a women’s professional baseball team and the odds they overcome to prove that women can play baseball just as well as men can. Red and blue create a neutral zone between the two. I chose to use Rockwell as my typeface because I wanted to use a thicker serif that also had a visual toughness to it instead of something dainty that might be seen as a stereotype towards women.

All content executed in various weights of Rockwell typeface. Laser printed.