RTX Rebrand & Boards

I finished my first skateboard design, the Charlotte Hornets deck, in 2017 and that is when I realized I wanted to become a designer. Being able to create something and see it go from a flat image to a physical object was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to my work. I’ve been lucky enough to continue working with RTX, the shop where I got my start, and I have made several more boards over the years. I wouldn’t be were I am today if I was never given the amazing opportunity to design a simple skateboard.

During the Fall semester my of senior year I got the chance to rebrand RTX. The brand was in need of a fresh look. RTX is a small single location skate shop located in Concord, North Carolina. They’ve been around for over 20 years providing quality products and customer service. Their target audience is 14-24 years old, so giving the brand a fresh, new, and energetic look was the only way to give shop the update it deserved.