Actual Coffee, The Flying Joe & What Do You Recommend?

Actual Coffee Rebranding

Actual Coffee is an independent coffee roaster established in Toledo, OH in 2012. Beloved by locals, the brand has developed a reputation for producing high quality products that everyone can enjoy. The original logo and packaging design not only started to feel outdated, but proved to be alienating to markets across state lines with the silhouette of Ohio prominently placed on each bag. My goal for this rebranding was to introduce a more sophisticated style that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Approachability is an important factor for the company to still maintain, but newly elevated to stay modern and to justify their premium price.

Inspiration for the new logo came from simple word association. When looking at various definitions of the word, “actual”, I was presented with “existing in fact or reality” and “true or exact”. The bullseye is an ancient symbol used throughout many cultures, commonly associated today with the idea of exactness and precision. The eye is another widely recognized symbol that has developed an association in the western world with ideas of honesty and truth. The combination of the two symbols represents what Actual Coffee stands for; thoughtfully crafted, honestly and ethically sourced, and undeniably delicious coffee.

The Flying Joe Rebranding

The Flying Joe is an independently owned, third wave coffee shop established in Perrysburg, OH in 2007. With strong roots in aviation, our passion for hand-crafted goods and excellent customer service are made apparent through a variety of premium beverages and retail items. For several years I have held a unique position as both lead designer and management. Having an intimate knowledge of the menu offerings, customer base, and mission statement, I am able to translate our dedication through several mediums.

What Do You Recommend?

This project was inspired by the question I get asked most often as a barista – ‘“What do you recommend?” With the exception of regulars, the answers I often provide are typically based on snapshot assumptions I need to make of people in under a minute. As individuals we are all unique, but over the years I have developed a short list of archetypes that I believe most customers fall into. Each of these archetypes corresponds to a specific drink on the menu and I based these pairings on the personality traits that I believe each represents. There are 9 archetypes total divided evenly into 3 categories – beginners, inbetweeners, and aficionados.