Consent on Campus

Consent on Campus is a campaign based on the education and prevention of sexual assault at BGSU. It normalizes the topic and the conversation about sexual assault, bridges the gap between BGSU’s students and finding the resources that are available to them, and overall, brings awareness, prevents continued attacks, and educates those on campus.

As a survivor of sexual assault, I am passionate about this subject matter and wanted to use design to advocate for other survivors and educate the public on sexual assault and factors that feed into it.

Each design choice throughout this project was made with the intention to catch the viewer’s attention and spark interest, while maintaining a sense of community. Teal, which is the color used most heavily in this body of work, is the color of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Ribbon. My teal is brighter than the original SAAM color, however, because it is more friendly and energetic. The bright coral, which I use as my secondary color, was chosen to compliment the teal.

The primary typeface, Cocogoose, was chosen for its strong presence, rounded edges, and circular design in order to convey importance but also remain friendly and approachable.

Finally, the images used on my website and throughout my campaign bring a feeling of positivity, safety, and community.

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