Teenage Mutant Ninja Girls

How can women artists inspire (product) designs in such a way that actively communicates women’s underrepresentation/gendered inequality of the art world?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: all of these cartoons were inspired & characterized by 4 (male) Renaissance masters.

…What if they were women artists? How could this idea physically manifest in a logical, yet communicative/mobile way? –that strives to inspire & further awareness of this issue?

And so, I created attachable denim jacket “shells”/patches to fashionably & conceptually represent the Teenage Mutant Ninja Girls & the existing gender imbalance of the art world. The “masks” over their eyes are ribbons: one side displays a quote by the artist, & the other, a statistic expressing an art world inequality. One ribbon is attached to the jacket, over the illustration’s eyes: 2 ends, dangling down from their attachment points. There are two holes cut, for which more ribbons (with more quotes & statistics) loop through, in such a way that they could be extracted from the jacket, & taken/distributed.

Conceptually, this piece intends to speak in more ways than one: although the ribbons fashionably simulate the ninja turtles’ masks, they work more so as blindfolds– intending to communicate our own blindness to the issue, which has unfairly kept these artists’ sights from history’s eyes thereafter.