F Waste

F Waste :: War on Food Waste

F waste is an innovative campaign against food insecurity in the United States. The purpose of the Fwaste campaign is to promote awareness†around food waste and to create a more sustainable food system. It supports innovators and entrepreneurs who reduce food waste or create value from overflow food. The Fwaste campaign designs challenges†to help find solutions around food waste. These challenges vary from local collaboration of teams grouping and participants, which allows them to go through an uplifting learning process. Each challenge will focus on different types of food waste, for example, bread waste, or consumer waste, or agricultural waste. Other challenges will be online based using social media These challenges will include guide videos, Q&A’s, and recipes that help educate on how to reduce food waste in a person’s daily life. People will be asked to sign the pledge and to take the hashtag†#fwaste #fwastechallange #waronfoodwaste to share pictures, tips, ideas, and other resources on how to reduce food waste overall.

Everyone eats, but the target will focus on purchasers of food within the local area, places such as grocery stores and social media will be vital in spreading the message of the campaign. The key ideas of this campaign will resonate with consumers as no one likes the idea of wasting resources. They will understand that the simplicity of the solutions will allow their actions to benefit themselves and the world as a whole.

The kit will be sent to users after joining and becoming part of the Fwaste challenge website. The kit will contain t-shirts of the user’s choice, Fwaste buttons, guidebook, posters, contact and schedule information about the Fwaste challenge.