Fashion is something that I have always been passionate about. Furthermore, having my own clothing line has been a life-long dream. While I share a strong love for fashion, I share an equal love for my hometown and current city of Toledo, Ohio.

In contrast to the expected streetwear scene of California and its’ skate and surf culture, I wanted to start a brand that embodied my culture and lifestyle in Toledo. After examining my past and current lifestyle, I respond to Hip-hop, sneaker culture, and sports. More specifically Eminem lyrics, Air Jordan sneakers, and basketball resonate with me.

These three threads relate to one another immensely, especially within Toledo. I was given a basketball and my first pair of Air Jordan’s at the age of four. It transpired into an obsession with the culture that formed as a product of the two. Hip-hop would get me pumped up for the games and is what I would listen to in my free time.

Of course Toledo is known as the “Glass City”; I give an ode to the nickname by basing my brand’s identity off of a “mosaic-like” glass pattern. The identity is also made up of a beautiful bright color palette to spark interest and positivity within the city. Glassick serves as a sign of optimism for Toledo, as well as a reminder to never forget where you came from. This is Glassick.