Crooked Media

Crooked Media is a digital media company, that makes a wide variety of political content from a liberal standpoint.

Crooked Media: no-bullshit conversations about politics.

The vision for Crooked is a simple one. We need to democratize this brand. We’ll need to come together as a unified group of creatives, dedicated to the improvement of our society and world, through tough political discussions and action. There’s been some incredible growth these last few years, and we’ve come to a key crossroads, where we redetermine the voice of our brand. Whatever form it takes, it needs to represent all of us.

Inspired by tattoo and graffiti culture, digital illustration, and the Gadsden flag, the new CROOKED mark displays the reverent nature of the company, and its new direction toward a polished yet active voice. The new CROOKED palette is a reflection of the modern and polished feel of the brand. Bold reds and golds echo back to classical painting and American political tradition, while purples and blues modernize the brand and centers it between masculine and feminine aesthetic.

CROOKED typography is the simple statement. Sans-serif, ever the political signifier, makes its presence known through the Bebas Neue and Univers type families, yet is simultaneously balanced by the rounded, hand-lettered quality of Truko. The result is a brand that feels confident yet inoffensive in its messaging. CROOKED photographic and illustrative style is a reverent attack on the traditional. CROOKED references the history of political thought through aesthetic, while fundamentally changing the way it’s interpreted with our branding and visual influence.

As a largely web-based company, CROOKED stationery isn’t going to be utilized frequently, which is why features like double-sided printing and full bleeds can be employed. Take note of the “waveform” pattern on the left side of the stationery and the envelope flap. These are meant to visually represent sound, and link all of the brand’s visuals together. The CROOKED business card is a representation of each and every creative’s self expression. Each member of the staff works with our design team to incorporate their favorite brand colors into the card template, front and back. This makes each feel unique, and differentiates each when sifting through multiples, as a new partner or colleague might.

The website is CROOKED’s home base, where a majority of our engagement happens, and where a large number of users spend time. As a result, the website is comfortable and lively, but won’t distract the user from work, commute, the beach, or wherever else they might listen. Occasionally members of the CROOKED team will tour, podcasting new episodes on the road, and meeting fans. These events tend to be insular: tickets sold on, advertised on our podcasts, and frequented by existing “Friends of the Pod.” We’ve taken the opportunity to further advertise and brand that experience, with meet and greet backdrops, step and repeat banners, and merchandise packaging.

Finally, a revenue stream, a publication, an advertising opportunity, and a scholarly resource, all in one. That’s the CROOKED Year in Politics. An audiobook, released in digital and physical form, the YIP is an annual review of the major political themes of the year. The YIP is a chance for all of CROOKED’s many creative talents to collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise in a series of free-flowing conversations.