Mason Bee Haven

I started this process knowing that my ultimate goal would be to encourage others in improving our environment. Although I was slow to settle on a big idea for my thesis, the choice of subject matter became obvious once I came across an article highlighting the importance of bees in the ecosystem. My question developed upon realizing that mostly )if not only) Honeybees were being represented in all major “Save the Bees” campaigns. After doing a bit of digging for more information on the internet, I learned that Mason Bees are far more docile and effective at pollination – yet they are entirely underrepresented. The small amount of representation does not equate to the number of dangers that they endure in nature. To me, this was a sign. Therefore, my question evolved from “How can the average person participate in alleviating the bee crisis?” to “How can the average person facilitate the success of the Mason Bee?”

I never intended to completely resolve the issues that plague Mason Bees because researchers have yet to discover how to cure every ailment or destroy any danger that they endure. On the other hand, throughout my research, I learned that there are ways to help.