PAWS The Stigma

PAWS The Stigma is an advocacy organization that is seeking to put an end to the negative connotations aimed and targeted against the pit bull breed. We have a passion for informing people on the correct way to approach pit bulls, or any dog for that matter, as well as educating the correct information about the breed, where they originated, their personalities, specials traits, and so much more.

Our purpose is to target shelters and dog lovers seeking to adopt and inform them about the positive outcomes of owning dogs under this breed. Examples being their charisma, special traits, abilities, personalities, and how they engage in certain environments. Furthermore, we plan on educating folks on the handling and care of these animals. In doing this we hope to diminish the fear culture that surrounds pit bulls and their owners.

I chose this topic because I am very passionate about advocating for these animals. As a pit bull owner, I see how other people react when I am walking my dog or simply if he barks. There is a culture of fear created around these dogs because of their historical upbringing and I see a space in which I can potentially change the mind of those who see these dogs in a negative light. This breed has a lot to offer, but like any animal, it is all about how it is cared for and the rules that are set in place for them to follow. These dogs will give you all the attention you need while being loyal, caring, and always surprising you with a new quirk.