August 14, 2021

Benjie Wilhelm (’17) to present as a TedxFaurotPark Speaker on Equitable Entrepreneurship in October.

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“Entrepreneurship can be a pathway to freedom for ourselves and our communities,” says designer and creative leader Benjie Wilhelm. Combining pieces of information collected through his years as a business owner and creative Wilhelm lays the groundwork for a shift in perspective that focuses on people instead of profit. He explores the American Dream as an ethos for our nation and how we have strayed far from its promise—then supports a new research based business model that makes organizations more equitable, fair, and just.
Benjie Wilhelm is the Founding Principal of Singularity, a creative agency that specializes in strategic brand and identity design. A disarmingly honest and creative leader, Wilhelm’s process scrutinizes identity and interrogates authenticity; ultimately using what’s discovered to tell new stories, propose new ideas, and create new methods for assigning meaning. He leads with humor and a discerning eye for functional and intelligent design. Demanding as much from clients as his own team, Wilhelm is opinionated but not unyielding. His latest work in progress is a post-socialist perspective on entrepreneurship that leverages the strengths of capitalism to achieve proletariat equity and reform. 
If you would like to attend Benjie’s talk in Lima, Ohio on Saturday, October 9, 2021 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT, register here: TEDxFaurotPark
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