March 11, 2022

BGSU GD Students and Alums take home big awards from the 2022 Addys

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Jessie Walton (’ 21) received a Student Gold Award for her ARTD 4070 Senior Thesis Project, The Revelation Booth. Jessie states, “The Revelation Booth serves as an epitome to bring an understanding to the viewers outside of the Indigenous Community to understand their privilege, to see the hardships, confusion, and solemnity through the installation and create this self-aware feeling, to call to change the viewer’s perspectives, to be motivated to change their thinking.” This work featured a video piece, laser-cut tokens, and a three-panel typographic installation.

Sophia Llamas (’ 22) earned a Student Silver Addy Award for BOLD, the 14th Annual Portfolio Review Day materials she created during the ARTD 4060 class last Spring. Sophia made all of the brand graphics, including web banners, Instagram posts, and stories, animated gifs, digital name badges, Teams backgrounds for our virtual event. She also did an outstanding job organizing our first entirely virtual event last year, including 31 design professional reviewers and 51 BGSU GD juniors and seniors (150 reviews). Sophia, who graduates this Spring in GD, is also an Honors College student and an Alumni Laureate Scholar.

ARTD 4060 students, (’ 22) Lauren Perry, (’ 21) Brigette Holsapple, and (’ 21) Harmony Ross earned a Student Silver Addy Award for the Senior Graduation Gift they created for the graduation class of BGSUGD students. Their work included custom screen-printed journals, an announcement card, and pencil/marker pouch filled with markers, and a custom BGSU GD enamel pin. ARTD 4700 student (’ 21) Faith Merryman facilitated the screenprinting of materials.

BGSU GD alums (’ 14) Jacob Parr and (’ 16) Chris Hatfield took home the Best of Show Award (professional category), the most significant award of the night, for their work for Reverend Guitars. Sophia Llamas was an intern at Hanson Inc. last summer, where she worked with Chris and Jacob, not on this winning project, but she worked alongside them and received their mentorship.

Rob Seiffert (’00), partner at Madhouse, received the Toledo AAF Mosaic Award for his contribution as Editor to the film Sons of Toledo. The Mosaic Award “recognizes agencies and individuals whose commitment to diversity and inclusion are evident through their creative work and organization-wide initiatives. The recipients chosen have embraced creative techniques, business practices, and diversity programs that not only help improve the bottom line, but also secure a relevant role in a continuously evolving advertising environment.” 

CONGRATULATIONS STUDENTS AND ALUMS! We are truly proud and thank you for making BGSUGD look so good.